The Disposable Century

I occasionally watch a film or TV show on my laptop with headphones at night so I don’t disturb my sleeping wife. My wife, though, started complaining about the screen waking her up, so I started watching it with headphones under a blanket wrapped closely around me, and the experience was nothing short of a revelation.

If you create a ‘small room’ in this way, with the opposite wall consisting entirely of your laptop screen, the effect is essentially the same as sitting in a big cinema auditorium with a big cinema screen. The buttons are like the rows of seats.

So I then made a cardboard cinema interior complete with curtains and minor audience obstructions and side wall paneling (all cardboard with pictures printed and mounted from the internet).

I tell you, when you trick your eye with optical illusions like that the intensity of the experience is EXACTLY like sitting in a big cinema. It was uncanny. I would still be using that virtual cinema today only I fell asleep during that George Clooney film about Hawaii and when I woke the next morning it was crushed all around my throat like a piece of jewelry.

Messageboard post, Horp

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